lunedì 13 luglio 2015


You all know what is the zip line?

It is basically a cable car, adapted to carry people safely.

On the road between Samana and Las Galeras, turning left to Playa el Valle,

Haitianarts playa del valle adventure sports

at some point you pass under a scaffold of wood and steel cables, with a dummy, human size, suspended in mid-air:

It 's the start of the tour wheel

It is a unique emotion, fly suspended from a steel cable!
Adventure, adrenaline and fun in total safety for adults and children!

Haitianarts avventura zipline sport

It is the largest zip line in the Dominican Republic and has all the newest technologies developed for safety.

Consists of 12 platforms, joined together by three steel cables, for a total of more than 2 kilometers, that hold about 6 tons each.
It starts from the first platform that looks like an old pirate ship, flying for about 400 meters, a height of about 120 and continues .... with a tropical landscape to 380 °!

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