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December 30, 2015 

He is undoubtedly the best Latin artist!

Born in Santo Domingo June 7, 1957, musician, composer, songwriter and producer.
His musical style is unique in that it is able to customize the Merengue or Bachata with melodic touch of Bolero, also using salsa, rock and roll and gospel.
His lyrics are simple and metaphorical, sometimes erotic, as in "Burbujas de amor".

But in some pieces, he questions the political system and social injustices, typical of Latin America, such as "Vida para un sueño", the hope of the American dream, or "Niagara en bicicleta", referring to the lack of services for public health, "El costo della vida", the effects of capitalism and even "Acompañeme civil", which deals with political corruption.

The concert will be held on December 30, 8:00 pm at Altos de Chavón-Casa di Campo, La Romana

Advance tickets online: Uepatickets com or by calling 8095238454

Prices from: RD$ 6,800 (GENERAL) - 13,650 (VIP) - 45,250 (FRONT STAGE), depending on the distance from the stage


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