martedì 21 aprile 2015


                        In Las Galeras, every beach is different:

in Playa Grande you can swim only at certain points, because most of the seabed are low and there are corals, but is wonderful for a relaxing stroll.

 in  Playta the water is highly transparent and calm, because the reef is very close, within swimming and have formed a very pleasant swimming between underwater coral

 In Playa Rincon, there is everything!

at the end on the left, there is the Cano Frio, a beautiful freshwater river and transparent, which flows into the sea

At the center of the water is low, but sometimes with a few waves.

On the right is a cove protected by a reef, so the water is always calm and perfect for wonderful swimming and snorkeling.

Past the cliff is the open ocean, a blue unimaginable, but sometimes with big waves;;

in Playa Fronton is for experienced swimmers and for those who love to snorkel.
The seabed is rocky and sometimes with current leading away from the shore.
 Impossible to swim without the shoes.

and to remind you of these beaches.... .

Haitianarts painting beaches Las Galeras

cm. 101x152
semi-gloss su tela

semi-gloss su tela

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