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In the Dominican Republic, Carnival is an important holiday:
a chance to exaggerate!

It's a celebration of freedom and integration.

The masks are original, sarcastic, grotesque and satirical.

The most famous: el Areito (Indian), el diablo Cojuelo (Spanish), and los entierros danzas (African).

In Samana, Carnival is celebrated every Sunday in February,
but the parade itself is on the 27th, Independence Day.

Parade floats, masks of typical characters and different interpretations of real-life situations such as the family, the dancing, the emigration (the "Dominican York", a category of Dominicans living in New York), etc ...

On the waterfront raffles and lottery are organized. Of course always accompanied by live music by different bands and wanton merengue, bachata and reggaeton.

n.98 cm.76x101 semi-gloss on canvas                        
Haitianarts quadro maschere musica dal vivo

171 cm.76x101
semi-gloss on canvas

Gift shop Franco y Barbara
Las Galeras-Samanà
Dominican Republic

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