sabato 9 gennaio 2016


In this post, we would like to talk a bit about us,
our gift shop and the rooms we rent.

We live and work right in the center of Las Galeras.

We are on the corner of the main road that ends at Playa Grande, and a side road that leads to La Playita.

We are located in a "commercial area", with a restaurant on each side. The only bank is right in front of us, and a few meters down the road is a "supermarket"

It is hardly a haven of tranquility on the ocean, but we are just a few meters from everything: 

Haitian Arts painting beaches guest houses
n.155 cm.51x62
semi-gloss on canvas


n.15 cm.101x152
semi-gloss on canvas


n. 74 cm.76x101
semi-gloss on canvas

The Dominican people are generally "noisy" ...

They speak in a loud voice, sounding their car horn for no reason, listen to music at impossible volumes, and love a motor without muffler, but it is the essence of this village and the true life in the Dominican Republic!

When we built our house, we decided to build a commercial space on the main street, which is now our gift shop.

Upstairs and above our apartment we have two rooms for rent, simple, clean, well-maintained and at reasonable prices!

A small room with a double bed and bathroom.

The largest bedroom

On the patio there is a kitchen that can be used in private or shared between the  two rooms.

Come and visit us, we're awaiting you with a smile, and if you have seen this post, let us know, we will also have a small gift!

Gift shop Franco y Barbara
Las Galeras-Samanà
Dominican Republic

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