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Haitianarts festival art  Haiti

The Caribbean Festival of the Arts, commonly known as CARIFESTA, is a multicultural event, organized by the Caribbean countries, changing place every year.

                 This 12th edition takes place in Haiti from Friday 21 to Sunday, August 30.
                                            The 11th edition, in 2014 was held in Suriname

The Caribbean area, is an area culturally "different" and the meeting of this diversity gives Carifesta, a heterogeneous mixture that captivate the minds incredulous.

What unites all the Caribbean area are its culture and its art, through his songs, his drums, his stories, in all its forms

Carifesta brings together 22 delegations, in representation of different countries, which are received in the capital Port-au-Prince and in the citys of Cap-Haitien, Les Cayes, Gonaives and Jacmel.

During this event, all lovers of culture and art of the Caribbean, will be satisfied!
In the Festival, will be presented film screenings, panel discussions with writers, musical performances, art exhibitions, crafts, cooking and more.

                                            Carifesta XII opens the soul of the Caribbean,
                                             not only in the Caribbean, but for the world!

 The specialties of Haiti, as its hospitality, music, literature, crafts and cuisine will be known and appreciated by many international visitors.

                                            An open window on Haiti
                                                          "The Caribbean is our roots
                                                      Our culture is our common future "

If you are already in Haiti or in the Dominican Republic, do not miss these ten days!

If you plan to finish your summer vacation to the Caribbean, Carifesta is a good opportunity to visit this beautiful country!

                                                     Las Galeras-Santa Barbara di Samanà
                                                                 Dominican Republic

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