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Getting to Dominican Rep fills my heart forever!

The Samana Peninsula 'is the region north-east of the country, known for its wild nature. It 'a protected area where nature still reigns supreme.

Starting from the capital Santo Domingo, Samana is reached in about 2 hours and 30 minutes on the highway, renting a car or using public transport.

The bus line Carriben Tour, for example, provide 4 departures a day from the capital. These vehicles are comfortable and confident that reach most of the areas of the island, including our goal, Samana. The only drawback is the air conditioning, often too high!

Alternatively you can use the minibus, "guagua" for long distances, leaving every half hour from Calle Barahona. It is pretty uncomfortable and make many stops, but they are definitely the most typical means of transport!
From Samana to Las Galeras, the minibus takes another 45 minutes. along the coastal road all contribute to the impression of having traveled to the end of the world.

Las Galeras, is a small, quiet village without post office and no traffic lights, given the lack of traffic, would be unnecessary. Fortunately, for a town of this size, however, there are two clinics, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels to suit all tastes.
The country is known because it is surrounded by beaches very different from one another, but they all really heavenly:

Playa Grande is a beach in the country. The Calle Principal, ( the big road ) road from which we come, through Las Galeras and ends right on this beach.

On this beach you can buy fresh fish directly from the hands of fishermen, who can also cook it for you on the spot.
It's the perfect place to take a nap, that make for a wonderful walk, with eyes that dwell on the small island in front of the beach.

Haitianarts Samanà snorkeling beaches

The Playta is the other town beach can be reached on foot in just ten minutes.
And 'much smaller than Playa Grande, but really lovely!
And 'perfect for relaxing, swimming languidly soaking in pools of calm crystal clear water. The beach is great fun and suitable for children.

For the less lazy, it will be a pleasure to swim out to the reef, snorkelling.
Part of the beach is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas of leaves, and there is also a good restaurant.

Playa Colorado, and 'wild and wonderful. It's a completely deserted beach, with no settlements or umbrellas, so it is perfect for those who want to isolate themselves but not for those who like to perform different activities on the beach.
It 'reached by boat, by motorbike, by car or even quads.

Playa Rincon, is known as one of the beaches and the most 'beautiful in the Caribbean.
They are about 5 km of pristine beach.
The road ends at the center of beach.Turning right at the bottom where you close the bay,
the sea is more secure, and always calm and perfect for swimming.
It is equipped with beds and three restaurants.
Behind the restaurants, and even a dune beach and sea. From dream!

Turning instead to the left end of the beach, is the frio Cano, a stream of cool fresh water, crystal clear, where you can swim and even take a hike through the mangroves,
Farther upstream for a mile on a small rowing boat,
accompanied by local boys and in absolute silence.

Again, under roofs of leaves or lying comfortably on the beach, you can enjoy lobster, fish, freshly caught shrimp.

Continuing, the imposing Cabo Cabron, a long strip of wilderness overlooking the sea.

Playa Madama: there are no words to describe it!
A very small deserted cove, a cave, coconut trees, sand and sea of incredible color!
It is hard to believe that here they shot scenes in many films set in the Caribbean.
It 'reached by boat, on horseback or on foot.

Playa Fronton: another beach really unique.
There by boat, you will be amazed. Turning around a cliff, you will find yourself suddenly faced with unexpected spectacle ...
Do not forget your mask and a pair of shoes to walk on rocks and corals!
It is also possible walk with a little' spirit of adventure.

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