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You are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic
and would like some advice?

Here is some information and tips for your stay:

1) The Dominican time is an opinion
If they give you an appointment at 10:00, you know that you may have to wait until noon. Consequently, when you make the appointment, it is very useful to specify whether the time is "Dominican time" or "gringo time", a precise time to the minute.

2) On public transportation (guagua) or a taxi, there is always room for one more person:
If you decide to take public transportation (guagua) or a taxi, you should know that there is no limit to the number of passengers.
Even when you think that there is no more room, you will see that the driver will continue to stop to load people. Even if it means hanging outside the door or on the roof, there is always room for one more passenger!

3) Beware of the motoconcho (motorcycle taxi):
The most frequently used means of transportation are motorbikes, but they are not used very differently from their four-wheeled cousin!
Just the same, there is no limit on the number of passengers or the type of cargo. Always negotiate the price beforehand to avoid arguments later.

4) Payments in "mint":
All types of candy are "mint" calls!
They are a form of currency, so if you go in a "colmado" (shop that sells a bit 'of everything) or a grocery store, and they don't have 5 pesos in change, they will give it to you in candy.
Get used to it, "the mint" are a form of currency!

5) Traffic and "music":
If you happen to be stuck in traffic you can blow your horn as much as you want!

This does not mean that you will unlock traffic, considering that you can not hear your own horn because everyone is using them. But if you want to try this experience, honk at will!

6) The rules of the road:
Often here the rules for traffic depend on the day and the fun lies in the fact that you respect them as you please.
The signs that say "no turn", for example, seem to have been made for decoration only. 
Just like those who say "one way" or "do not park on the sidewalk."
The Constitutional 175-05 clause reads as follows: "the rules have to be respected if at that given day the rule can serve."
A  progressive society!

7) When a girl claims to be 18 years old, do not believe her
The Dominican girls are very attractive and it is not difficult to run into a minor.
But laws on pedophilia exist here too.
Learn the phrase "muestrame tu cedula" (let me see your identity card) and, when you've seen it and confirmed the age, then you can have peace of mind.

8) Dominicans do not have umbrellas:
The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean island where it rains almost daily.
But you will be surprised to know that most Dominicans do not use umbrellas or raincoats.
Some ladies have an umbrella, but I mostly use it to protect themselves from the sun.
In the capital, Santo Domingo, we have seen an umbrella salesman on the street put a plastic bag on his head when it started raining! 

9) The vendors selling everything:
You've looked for something in the most expensive malls in the city, but you are not satisfied? No problem, try to do some shopping on the streets.
You need a puppy dog, a bottle of rum, cigars? You suffer from kidney problems and are looking for a new pair of kidneys?
It sounds strange, but the hawkers can find anything, give him 5 minutes and you will see!

10) Se fue la luz! (the lights went out!)
Get used to it, because in many parts of the country the light suddenly disappears and the blackout can last for hours.
Always carry a flashlight with you!

11) Bribes:
There are countries where the bribes do not work, for everything else there is the Dominican Republic!

                                                               Other information:

To get to Las Galeras from Santo domingo line coach Caribe Tours, 27 de Febrero corner Leopoldo Navarro, every day at 8-10 am from 2.30 to 4.30 pm, up to Samana, Las Galeras guagua then every 15 minutes , last at 6 pm.

Or minibus from the bus stop to Samana in calle Barahona (behind Plaza Lama on Calle Duarte) to 7.12 am and 3 pm directly to Las Galeras.

A bit of history
Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic, and was the first Spanish Colony in the New World.
The city has a metropolitan area with a population of 2,850,320 inhabitants. The original design of the city is visible today in the Colonial Zone, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
There are still some sixteenth-century buildings, that are among the oldest in the Americas, including the first administrative offices and the first cathedral of the New World.
In 1586 the English pirate Francis Drake invaded the entire island of Hispaniola, razing the city and freeing it only after payment of a ransom.
In 1655 the French invaded the southwest of the island, and part of the island controlled by the Spaniards was reduced by more than half.
In 1822 the Haitians, under the leadership of Jean Pierre Boyer, invaded the island and conquered it completely.
But 22 years later, after hard struggles, Dominicans were able to regain their independence.


You can see 500 years of history of this city in 45 minutes, comfortably seated on the little train "Chu Chu Colonial"

  For more information:

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