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Playa Rincon, my passion!

It 'a beach suitable for everyone, is very extensive and every part has a different show, that in this post
 I will try to describe to you.

Las Galeras, take the road towards Samana and after about 4 km turn right, another 12 km and you are in paradise!

This first picture was taken from the top and you only see the right side of the beach


In the center of the village of Los Tocones, you turn right. Along the road to Rincon, you will find
 l '"iguanario" where volunteers, protect, nourish, help procreate and make tourists visit
 the beautiful "rhinoceros iguana", endemic race of the Island of Hispaniola endangered

                  (Admission is free offer!)

A little further on, the view will leave you speechless:
here is the peninsula of Cabo Cabron and Rincon Bay.

After arriving at the Rincon village, the only intersection, turn right and the road becomes a dirt road to reach the beach.


                     This is what you will be facing the end of the road and you can choose ...


if you go to the left...

or to go to the right..

If you go to the right, at the bottom, you will find a splendid sea, shallow and always quiet because protected from the rocks..
Beach chairs, souvenir sellers, "coco loco", "pina colada", rental of snorkel equipment and restaurants.

If you like to walk a bit ', go over the little hill and you will come to another part of the beach and sea that will leave you speechless!
On this side there is nothing and is more suitable for experienced swimmers and those who love to snorkel.

If you decide to go to the left, towards the promontory Cabo Cabron,
arrive where does the beach with a lovely river freshwater very cold, which is called  "Cano frio"

Even there you can lie on the loungers on the beach or to swim in the river.
This part is wilder and the sea is often more waves, why not repaired.

Or, while you wait for your lobster kitchen, you can relax, enjoying a little excursion with a rowing boat going up the river and entering the  silent and enchanted mangrove's world.

                                                                   What do you think about?

Haitianarts framework beach snorkeling

                                                                     n.116 cm.76x101
                                                                  semi-gloss on canvas

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