martedì 24 febbraio 2015


This time I will talk about my friend Michelle.
And 'coming from Belgium 20 years ago, for a simple holiday, but fell in love for Las Galeras.


After a while, need to prepare for the big move, and has settled here with her husband Gerard. They bought land and built the first house, very beautiful, colorful, with a roof of leaves and the outdoor kitchen in a large veranda, overlooking the magnificent tropical garden.
Then they decided to build another house, a little 'smaller, but with the same style, to rent to tourists. Over time, the houses have become four, and that initiative has become a profession.
Known by visitors from around the world for the warmth and passion Michelle it is sensible, business has taken the name of The Bellaventura.
  I believe that there can be no better name, especially given the passion he puts into his work: his life, his choices, his daily life, she lives them just like a wonderful adventure.

Michelle does his job with passion and dedication, not merely to ensure a good service to its guests, in fact, are invited to participate in hiking, cycling (as Gerard is an avid mountain bike), on foot, by boat or quad, where often we also participate.
  Our favorite destinations are Playa Fronton or Playa Rincon, but also organize simple grilled in her beautiful garden!
Both myself and Michelle, we are two real passionate Latin music, we take advantage of these opportunities to be involved then, even his guests, to continue the party in the discos of the village.
On the coast, there are many people who decide to buy land and property, to live or to rent them to tourists, thus creating a source of income.
  For this reason, soon I will talk of real estate investments in the Dominican Republic.

                                                                  n.149 cm.32 x 46
                                                                semi-gloss on canvas

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