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Valentine'S Day, since the Middle Ages, is celebrated almost all over the world, as the day of love and friendship.
With Christianity, Valentines Day, replaced the Roman Lupercalia, annual rites, dedicated to fertility.
Initially, the Ancient Romans celebrated the god Lupercus, with a pagan ritual, in which were drawn the names of men and women, in order to form pairs that have lived together for a year, so that the fertility rite was concluded.
Also, it is roughly, mid-February that nature awakens and the birds begin to mate.
Even today, on the feast of St. Valentine, is used to send the "valentine", love letters, usually in the shape of heart.
Even here in the Dominican Republic, Valentine's Day is a celebration deeply felt, especially by young people, that this day should strictly wear something red!

Haitianarts painting Valentine's Day party

                                                                       n. 31 cm.76x101
                                                                    semi-gloss on canvas

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